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Will Adler - Bummerland

10 GBP
Full Colour newspaper - 30 x 38 cm
44 Pages offset on 80lb newsprint
1st Edition of 100, Feb 2012
2nd Edition of 300, June 2012

Bummerland is a publication about riding the waves. Will Adler constructs a fantastical landscape of cute girls, deserted beaches and salty tides; at once immediately tangible, but dreamlike. Images bleed through pages, fold back on themselves and merge into an oscillating, hazy scrapbook of memories, of adventures and experiences - image experiences made and committed to memory in the downtime, that perfect fluctuating time between catching the next wave, or on the journey to the next big adventure.

Selected Press:
Hotshoe Magazine #178, June-July 2012 - "This creative approach produces dream-like sequences that merge and oscillate between memory and actual experience, but with a light-heartedness that belies the laid-back California lifestyle that Adler's entire project seems to espouse."

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